PSTN Switch Off

BT PSTN Switch Off

The UK’s phone network is due for an upgrade, which is why every landline cable from Cornwall to Caithness and Cambridgeshire to County Fermanagh is switching to faster, more reliable and responsive Internet Protocol (IP) technology.

From September 2023, new ISDN or PSTN lines will not be able to be purchased, with many locations already affected by a stop sell.

In December 2025 Openreach WILL switch off the old services and your legacy ISDN and PSTN telephone system will no longer work. You need to start to consider the move to Cloud based telephony now.

What else is using your voice line?

Businesses often use phone lines for more than just phone calls. For example: door entry systems, alarms and cash machines. Upgrading to digital will impact how they all work, so it is vital that you check everything that runs off your PSTN and ISDN lines

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