Hardware Procurement and Installation

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Providing cost effective state of the art technology tailored to your business.

Are you seeking dependable hardware solutions from trusted brands to power your business operations? Look no further. Our commitment to delivering top-notch hardware, combined with our expert installation services, ensures that your technology infrastructure is robust, efficient, and tailored to your specific needs.

Why buy from Plan-IT?

Partnering with us means gaining access to an extensive catalogue of hardware solutions, each backed by our commitment to quality, performance, and value. We take pride in offering products from renowned brands that are synonymous with reliability and innovation, ensuring that your investment in technology yields long-term benefits.


We understand the significance of peace of mind when it comes to hardware investments. Our products often have manufacturer backed warranties to ensure that you can rest assured that your technology infrastructure is not just an investment, but a secure and dependable asset for your business’s success.


We are dedicated to offering competitive pricing that consistently outperforms our competitors in the market. Our commitment to providing cost-effective hardware solutions means that you can expect value for your investment. Leveraging our strong relationships with industry-leading manufacturers, we secure favourable pricing and pass along the cost savings to our customers, often beating the price of the likes of Dell and BT.

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Buy from Plan-IT

  • PCs and Laptops: We offer a variety of high-performance desktop PCs and laptops from leading brands, carefully selected to meet your computing needs and budget requirements.

  • Peripherals: In addition to core computing devices, we provide a diverse array of peripherals—including monitors, keyboards, mice, and accessories—to enhance your user experience and productivity.

  • Servers and Networking Equipment: Our expertise extends to the deployment of servers, switches, routers, access points, and communication cabinets, designed to bolster your network infrastructure and facilitate seamless connectivity.

  • Mobile Devices: From smartphones to tablets, we deliver a range of mobile devices, ensuring that your workforce remains connected and productive, whether in the office or on the go.

  • Phone Systems and VoIP Phones: Embrace advanced telephony solutions with our range of traditional phone systems and modern VoIP phones, enabling streamlined communication within and beyond your organization.

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